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This festival is the moment for the community to turn their daily life into a narrative. Almost like making an African cinema really; An African "art of living".
Cuentos cortos con títulos largos
Pelo Bonito
Balole, the golden wolf
Duga, the scavengers
Khartoum offside

WINNER "Cuentos cortos con titulos largos" By Juan VARGAS Best National Short Film Colombia Animation - 5'11 Illustrator and designer, born in the caribbean coast and living in Bogotá. Interested in viewing the world with a different lens and enjoying the life through arts.

WINNER "Pelo Bonito" By Sara J. ASPRILLA PALOMITO Best National Documentary Colombia Documentary - 18'37 Sara J. Asprilla Palomino was born in Bahía Solano, Chocó, in 1997. She is currently finishing her studies in Multimedia Engineering at the University of San Buenaventura Medellín.

WINNER "Mthunzi" By Tebogo MALEBOGO Best International Short Film South Africa Short - 8'35 Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Canada, Kenya, and South Africa, Tebogo Malebogo is a Writer, director, producer currently based in Cape Town.

WINNER "Balole, the golden wolf" By Aicha Chloe BORO Best International Documentary Burkina Faso Documentary - 60'05 French and Burkinabé writer and filmmaker Chloé Aïcha BORO, after studying modern literature, began as a journalist in the print media. She starts to documentary with a first feature film, Farafin ko, which has won many awards.

WINNER "Duga, the scavengers" By Abdoulaye DAO & Eric LENGANI Best Feature Film Burkina Faso Feature - 90' Abdoulaye DAO is part of the second generation of directors from Burkina Faso. He is a graduate of the institutes of film formations in Africa. Hervé Eric LENGANI was first in front of the camera, before going behind the camera.

WINNER "Khartoum offside" By Marwa ZEIN Best Director Sudan Documentary - 75' Marwa Zein, Award Winning Sudanese Film Director, Script Writer and Producer for her acclaimed debut 'Khartoum Offside' and acclaimed short fiction films 'A game' and 'One week, Two days'.

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